GRIPLAST ( France ) 2 pcs. SZ-63, 1 pc. SZ-75 extruder production

SZ-63 Bimetallic pulley and cylinder production

NPO PROTEKT ( Russia )  10” Netlon mesh manufacturing head, Trical mesh manufacturing line production

10” és 8” Netlon mesh tools production

AGROSTAV-KOVOPLAST ( Slovakia ) SZ-55 extruder and foil-blowing rotating head production

SHRINKTECH S.R.O. ( Slovakia ) Pipe reeling unit production

FETI KFT. SZ-26/32 Twin-screw pulley extruder, SZ-63 Extruder and melt production

GI-PLAST KFT. SZ-63 Foil-blowing machine, SZ-63 Bimetallic pulley and cylinder production

POLYTECH INDUSTRIE KFT. SZ-25 extruder, SZ-55 extruder production

Pipe head modifications

FOLICOLOR BT. SZ-33, SZ-45 Foil-blowing machine.

AMCO KFT. Laminating machine production.

MANITOX KFT. SZ-45 automatic foil twin-reeling unit production

SZ-55 Foil-blowing machine

TÁZLÁRI MŰANYAGÜZEM KFT.. SZ-45, SZ-63 Foil-blowing machine

ENERGIA ÜGYNÖKSÉG KÖZH. NONPR. KFT. SZ-55 Twin-screw pulley melting extruder production.

FORRÁS CENTRUM KFT.. SZ-45 Foil-blowing machine.

PEMÜ ZRT. Melt pump and filter changer production

POPGRO S.R.O. ( Slovakia ) Pulley and cylinder production

RELAX 2000 S.R.O. ( Slovakia ) Pulley and cylinder renovation

ROMCAB S.A. ( Romania ) Renovation of extruder pulleys and cylinders

CNG EMBALLAGES INDUSTRIELS ( France ) SZ-33 Mesh manufacturing line, SZ-75 extruder,

and mesh tools production

IRIDEX GROUP PLASTIC S.R.L. ( Romania ) Mesh tools production

PARAINESIS KFT. Renovation of bimetallic pulleys and cylinders

Foil-blowing rotating head reparation

RATIZOL KFT. SZ-45 extruders and foil-blowing rotating head production

SZ-45 cylinder honing, re-nitriding and the production of new pulleys

WEENER PLASTIK KFT. Pulley production, cylinder honing and re-nitriding

POLIFOAM KFT. Parabolic cylinder production

DOMINIS PILLE-FÓLIA KFT. SZ-45 Bimetallic pulley and cylinder production

SZEMI PACK KFT. SZ 45 Foil-blowing machine

SZ-45 Bimetallic pulley and cylinder production

TISZAI VEGYI KOMBINÁT NYRT. Extruder pulley production, according to drawings

ANTAL ÉS ANTAL KFT. PVC pulley modification

AXICON KFT. Long-hole drilling

BRD PAPÍR KFT. Production of components for the reparation of machines used in the paper industry

MED PLAST 2000 KFT. Production of components

ICO ZRT. Renovation of injection cylinder and pulley

ROTA PACK ZRT. Renovation of aluminum cooling ring

BRUNNBAUER BUDAPEST KFT. Production of components, according to drawings

INTERMAS EASTERN EUROPE KFT. Renovation of wood protecting mesh reeling unit THERMOFOAM KFT. Grinding of chrome cylinders and rubber cylinders