About us

The workshop started its operation in 1945 at Szentendre in a barn specially modified for this purpose. It was established by Szvoboda Ferenc, sr. master engine fitter.

On the basis of experiences collected during reparation and machine reconstruction tasks, the first own-developed extruder was put into operation in 1968. The spreading of machines used in the plastics industry could have been expected since 1972. By this time 2 or 3 extruder was produced yearly.

While the old master still continued the production of machine tools which require great expertise and a lot of handwork (he completed his last mast machine before his death in 1989), his son takes over the planning and manufacturing of machines for the plastics industry.

The workshop has been operating in the current form since 1981. It has seen many significant developments since then. The workshop was renovated and modified in 1984, while a new hall was constructed in 1991 to expand the production area.

The company has changed its name to SZVOGÉP Gépgyártó és Kereskedelmi KFT. (SZVOGÉP Machine Manufacturing and Trading Company LTD.) on November 20, 1991. Our main activity is the production of machines for the plastics industry according to unique needs.

Pályázati tájékoztató

cnc megmunkálóközpont beszerzése a szvogép kft.-nél

A Magyar Állam által finanszírozott pályázati projekt keretében a következő beruházás valósul meg:

  • 1 db EmL-1020 típusú CNC megmunkálóközpont beszerzése


Támogató:                                                 Pénzügyminisztérium

Kedvezményezett neve:                            SZVOGÉP Kft.

A támogatás mértéke:                              54,97 %

A támogatás összege:                               14,44 millió Ft

A projekt befejezési időpontja:                 2019.02.28.

Pályázati azonosító:                                   PM_KKVESZKOZ_2017/315


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