Plastic mesh producing machine

Our company is the manufacturer and developer of mesh producing machines and tools in Hungary since the 1990s. We are proud to have customers from the eastern and western parts of Europe as well.

Diamond mesh (max. width: 2000 mm)

In case of this procedure the mesh manufacturing head stands from an internal core and an outer sleeve which rotate in the directions contrary to each other. The plastic melt exits through the slots on the outer and inner tool. The number and size of slots is adjusted to the product. Due to the rotation the created threads melt at the meeting points of the two slots, and this way they create the diamond-like structure.

Main use:

  • protecting mesh
  • streched wrapping net
  • agricultural use, e.g. plant holding mesh
  • mosquito mesh, fence mesh


Square mesh


The tool is fixed, the long threads of the plastic melt are continuously flowing out of the slots. On the outer shell of the tool, a hydraulically moved cutting ring opens and closes the way of the plastic melt, and this way it creates the crossing threads.

Main use:

  • in the construction industry, agricultural meshes in normal and stretched types


Pályázati tájékoztató

cnc megmunkálóközpont beszerzése a szvogép kft.-nél

A Magyar Állam által finanszírozott pályázati projekt keretében a következő beruházás valósul meg:

  • 1 db EmL-1020 típusú CNC megmunkálóközpont beszerzése


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